Pepi Bath 2

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Take care of your little friends in Pepi Bath 2. Sometimes children and pets play so much and so actively that they don’t notice how they get dirty. The spots of dirt on the clothes and tangled hair are only a few issues that you are going to deal with. Anyway, you are going to help little rascals with their hygiene.

Once you select the one who needs to be cleaned, you will have to complete seven stages in order to transform them. Start with the warm bath with soap and shampoo. Wash the child thoroughly and rinse it. Then you can go to the face and help it to brush its teeth, wash their hands and tidy up the hair.

Of course, you need to do something with the dirty and ripped clothes, too. Do the laundry, make it dry and iron it nicely before dressing up the child. Or you may choose a different look.