Avatar World All Unlocked

Avatar World is a project that is brimming with marvellous activities! Engage in a wide range of pursuits and discover your favourite playtime. Customise your avatar and visit a huge number of locations that are full of interesting items.

Craft new outfits

Try out all the options to create the model that will perfectly suit your way to play such games. You may begin from the major options, such as selecting the gender, skin tone and face.

Then comes the most interesting part which is scrolling through the hairstyle variants. Isn’t it cool that you can fully compose a hairdo, adding the unique aspects? If you are not a fan of natural look, there is a range of colour dyes. Stick to one colour to make a cool gradient.

As for the outfit, here you can get stuck for a long time. It is not so easy to navigate among such a variability of clothes. Those are constantly updated, so you can always see the most fashionable outfits in the game. You may also make a little challenge and recreate an attire from real life. But there is no doubt that you will have enough options for whatever outfit you choose for this.

Go to enjoyable outings

Start from your own house and go further, investigating the surroundings. The town of Avatar World can offer you a lot of things to do. You may play with your friends for a better experience or wander around alone. Although, the citizens are always here to chat with you and maybe even give you some quests.

Even without additional tasks, you can easily entertain yourself with the devices that you can see in the locations. Pick up any of them and apply them where you think they belong. Those interactive objects will surely spark your imagination at once. But if you want to get the secret ones, you will need to either look for them specifically or use some hacks to unblock them right now.