Avatar World: City Life

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Avatar World is an immersive life simulator that gives boundless possibilities. Create a lively personality, crafting their captivating life story. Dressing them in the most stylish garments and adding plentiful adornments, you are able to highlight their uniqueness.

Your home is your castle

The game allows you not only to generate a flawless avatar, but to give it the best house you can dream of, too. You will have enough space to bring all your creative ideas into life. From the wallpapers to the decorations on the shelves, you are free to purchase as many objects as you wish.

You can design your own perfect space, embracing your personality and sense of taste. The assortment of decorations will greatly impress you. There are plants that will add a little green note to your interior, gadgets that you can easily use whenever you feel like it, pieces of art that can create a special mood in the apartment and many more.

Stay at the dream city

The terrains within Avatar World offer you unforgettable experience and a vast array of activities. Play with all items scattered around the location and reveal their potential. There is no correct way to use them, so experiment and come up with interesting ideas.

Remember that you can put into use just one tool or mix them and get totally different results. This is especially true for cooking, as you may go to the local store, buy the necessary ingredients, look for a recipe and recreate a tasty meal that you can always share with your friends.

Dive into the noisy city life or escape to serene suburban areas where you chill alone or play with your buddies. You may even bring your pet on a walk with you. However, if you seek a challenge, you may decide to find a job and test your skills. It is not obligatory, but it diversifies your game a lot.

But the most awesome feature is the presence of little secrets in some locations. You have to be quite attentive to notice them, but doesn’t it add motivation to start searching? You may receive special objects and tools that will surely come in handy.

With every update, the number of such objects and pursuits in general is increasing. You are able to regularly learn new skills and focus on various hobbies. And as a bonus, you will surely get new options for building and dressing up your avatar.