Avatar World Online

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Dive into the captivating realm of Avatar World! Have you ever wanted to experiment with your outfit and hair or change your profession? Or maybe you just want to chill with your friends. In any case, this game allows you to do all these things.

A myriad of exhilarating activities

In the Avatar world you have endless possibilities and you just have no choice but to enjoy each of them. Your adventures will begin with crafting a model, of course. The extensive character creator will help you with that. Various categories are here for you to form a stylish outfit and provide it with many details.

You will be especially fascinated by the ability to invent your own hairstyles. You are able to pick up the separate parts of it and dye each of them separately. This way, it is possible to generate an exclusive hairdo. Moreover, if you get used to it, you can always rely on a hairstylist in a salon and do something else.

But when it comes to the outfit, prepare to get lost in thousands of options. Adjust and mix garments to get the immaculate combination. It doesn’t matter which style you want to recreate, you can find appropriate pieces for it here. Also, don’t forget to add cute accessories and brighten up the look.

A distinctive set of locations to explore

The game provides effortless controls that are so easy to master. With the intuitive interface, you will quickly learn every feature of it. If you want to interact with the object, just clock on it or drag it around. The same goes with the avatars, too. To can always move not only your model, but other ones, as well.

With such easy controls, it will be wonderful to play and investigate the terrains. Each terrain presents a different set of objects that you can use. You may solely experiment with its features or apply for some scenario. Anyway, you won’t feel a lack of objects to play with.

In the game there are both indoor and outdoor locations that offer you different leisure time. Everything depends on the type of activity you want to do right now. With all those restaurants, salons, clubs and stores you will fully perceive the city life. And with the parks, beaches and forests you will be able to rest from it.