Universe Sandbox

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If you have always wanted to become someone like God, then this is a great option! In this game, players will go to the vastness of our galaxy and make sure that it is not so fragile.

The whole process is built on the fact that users can conduct various experiments. The menu has everything you need for this, so quickly start creating your own systems like the Solar one.

Destroy and create!

Universe Sandbox is a wonderful challenge that gives you the chance to use your imagination. Find out what you’re really capable of! Try to realize your craziest ideas right here! Excellent physics will allow you to enjoy what you see, and the graphics will add motivation to continue.

Fans can build a system containing stars, black holes, comets and more. Choose what you want and don’t think what others will say about it! This process allows everyone to completely relax and follow their heart.

In addition, users can adjust the climate on Earth. For example, melt glaciers by raising the temperature! This will cause the water level to rise, which will contribute to flooding of the entire area. Or turn to the other side of the world to fry in the Sun! In any case, you can try different options and methods in the game.