Aka Manto

The plot of this game is about an evil spirit who walks around in a mask and robe. His appearance is very disgusting and will scare everyone who sees him! Today players will have to cross paths with this monster and find out what they are capable of in stressful situations. If you have a weak psyche, then it is better not to stay here for too long!

Constant death!

Aka Manto is a creature that appears in public toilets. Most often it stalks young girls in colleges. As soon as it comes closer to them, it will ask a question that must be answered. It will offer blue and red paper, and the lady will have to choose one.

In the first case, the victim’s body will be covered in their own blood. In the second one, the victim will be strangled. Will you be able to reach the end and remain sane?

In this game, users will have the opportunity to plunge into this terrible atmosphere and stay in it for as long as possible. Explore dark rooms and try to stay away from the enemy. If you notice that he is nearby, then immediately hide, otherwise you will be killed. If this happens, then the process will begin again. For this reason, do not make mistakes! A huge number of puzzles will strain you every second!