boil Noodles at Night

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If you love horror, then welcome to boil Noodles at Night! This process has a simple plot, but it is interesting. Literally from the first seconds you will have a desire to know what will happen in the end. But can you hold out? It won’t take long, but it will definitely force you to pause to recover. Are you ready to plunge into this creepy atmosphere?

Prepare a late dinner!

This game is about a guy who woke up after the clock struck midnight. He cannot sleep well when his stomach is empty. He needs to go down to the kitchen, which is on the first floor. Opening the refrigerator, the hero saw spaghetti. But there were too few of them and he certainly couldn’t get enough of them.

This gave him the idea that he needed to buy another pack of flour products. It’s good that there is a 24-hour store not far from the house. It was there that the main character decided to go. Walk with him through the dark streets where the streetlights don’t work!

A poorly lit road leads users into a small building. There you will be greeted by an unfriendly salesman. Anxious faces will make players feel scared and nervous. Will you be able to get back to the mansion? This game has three endings – good, bad and secret.