Avatar World Wedding

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If you are a true fan of this universe, then you have definitely visited all the locations! The characters here are very kind and affectionate, and also love to walk and have fun. Players can implement all ideas and enjoy the process. Building a house, dining in restaurants or cooking in your own kitchen. But you still want something new, don’t you?

Marriage is happiness!

In Avatar World Wedding, users will be able to start a new story. The lives of their heroes will completely change after this grand event! You should start a family only with someone you are completely confident in and trust. If you find such one, then feel free to invite him to marry you!

To begin with, users will witness sweet courtships and then dates. Give your partner flowers, small gifts and surprises. After a while, create a romantic atmosphere and give a ring. If you control a girl hero, then accept the offer! Now the most interesting and exciting things await players!

In this version of the game you can create a holiday with the necessary attributes! Decorate the hall, and don’t forget to invite guests! Who will be the witnesses? Only you can decide what this day will be like! Heart-shaped balloons, flower arches and much more! A huge selection of accessories and decorations will delight your eyes!