Crab Champions

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This game is intended for those who like to run around locations with a gun in their hands. But this time there will be an unusual plot that will definitely surprise everyone. Have you ever seen a crustacean creature that shoots? This is what you will be managing today, so don’t wait too long and get started!

Explore this world!

Today players will visit various locations where they will have to fight enemies. You can unlock all places as you progress. No additional purchases, just completing levels! Your success will be counted and praised, so try harder in Crab Champions!

The main character will have to visit various territories that will take your breath away. Can you cope with opponents in the desert, on icy islands or in the mountains? Test your strength and don’t try to relax! They can attack you at any second, especially when you don’t look around for a long time!

This game also has a multiplayer mode where you can team up with your friends. Or do you want to become competitors with them? Show who is capable of what and find out who will be the last survivor! Be vigilant and use a laser that can reach long distances!