The Closing Shift

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The main character is a girl who works in a cafe. She only spends time there at night and it seems strange. Although, perhaps she is a student and this is the only chance to combine work and study. The plot of The Closing Shift is about how a lady found herself on the verge of life and death.

Will you be able to survive?

Players will see this story through the eyes of a young lady. It all starts when she wakes up and starts getting ready for the diner. Leaving the house, she notices someone else’s phone in the parking lot. Without thinking twice, the girl will take it and move on. Having arrived at her destination, she will begin her usual duties.

A man appeared in front of the door to the pastry shop. He looked strange and mysterious just standing in one place. After some time, he disappeared, and then the woman saw him on the surveillance camera. He looked straight at it, which caused an unpleasant feeling in the game.

When the girl got tired of this, she decided to go out of the building to the stranger. What prompted her to ask him this question? She asked why he was doing this and what his intentions were. After this, the fun begins, in a bad way! Will users be able to stay sane? Will they be able to stay alive in the game?