Nightmare on steamboat

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Do you remember that same cheerful character – the mouse? He was the favorite of everyone who had a fun childhood. He and his friends constantly went on adventures and brought positivity to the children. But something has changed since then. It was as if someone had taken possession of him from within. Can you figure it out?

Will you be able to survive?

In Nightmare on steamboat, players will go to an animation studio. It was here that the developers worked on the image of the famous hero. Everything here seems so dark and gloomy that you get goosebumps. Explore every corner before leaving this place. Or will you stay here forever?

The cartoon animal looks completely different than it did a few years ago. They say that he is possessed by a creepy spirit and is controlled by him. No one has yet managed to find out the whole truth about this! Perhaps you will be the first person to succeed. Will you take the risk or not?

Be careful, because the enemy feels your every step. Users of this game must find the keys and collect all the necessary papers. Only after you complete this mission will the path to freedom be visible. Use a flashlight to illuminate some areas of the rooms! And also interact with various objects.