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Unrecord is a psychological process with thriller elements. Players will take on the role of a police officer who constantly takes part in dangerous missions. His work requires accuracy and accuracy, and this is difficult to master. Go to different locations and fight enemies and criminals!

Fascinating story!

Almost the entire challenge is dialogue-based. Players will have to make important decisions that will affect the future. Will you be able to decide in time and choose a worthy answer? Stay focused because mistakes are not allowed here. But on the other hand, they can teach you to think correctly.

Don’t trust chance and don’t be afraid to attack first! In the game, the process will be shown from the side of a cop’s body camera. For this reason, all events will cause adrenaline and extreme excitement. Run, sneak, crawl and much more! You never know what’s waiting for you around the corner!

In addition, users will have to develop tactical strategies. You can’t cope here without them! Develop deductive thinking and sometimes think like the enemy! Witness many crime stories and prove that you can handle each one! The battles will be hot, take aim!