Gym Simulator 24

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Every person in the modern world dreams of a beautiful and fit figure. It is impossible to achieve ideal results at home, so people go to special buildings. In this game, players will build it and become the best in this business. Be prepared that it will not be easy, especially in the initial stages!

From beginner to pro!

Gym Simulator 24 is an excellent process that will reveal your management skills. Here, users will be presented with a small, dark room containing several weights and jump ropes. This inventory provides little benefit, so there will be few visitors. The main task is to make every effort to open a real fitness center.

Make a major renovation in which you change the color of the walls and ceiling. Players should also add a few sports paraphernalia, such as leg trainers or treadmills. Let your guests find the objects they need that will bring them a healthy spirit.

Don’t forget about the gyms for boxing, swimming, etc.! This is where future famous athletes will train. Do you want the name of your studio to be heard in the news? Provide amenities that will allow your customers to relax! We mean bathhouse, sauna and massage room.