Avatar World Game Play Online Free

Visit the world of million opportunities in Avatar World at ! You are going to have exciting journeys in hundreds of locations. Explore an impressive world with unique characters that you can customize in different ways. Make it look exactly how you imagined, using cool designer tools.

The game is available on PC or Android. Enjoy intuitive gameplay and cute graphics that won’t leave you indifferent. Have fun with friends and share impressive scenarios.

Make your style distinctive

First thing you are going to do is to create your own unforgettable avatar. There are so many items that it is easy to get lost among them. In any case, the design of each body part and piece of clothes can be altered. All items are highly detailed that makes them even more appealing. Generate incredible combinations and invent fashionable outfits.

The diversity of facial features allows to even give Avatar World a mood. Make it smile widely or show that it is surprised by something. Everything depends only on imagination. So, experiment and see what model you are going to end up with. If you are not satisfied with the result, start from the beginning.

Apart from the standard choice between dresses, shirts, shoes, hats, Avatar World have more interesting accessories. With a wide range of magic wings and cute tails, make the avatar a mystic creature. At the same time, there are more common elements as well, such as backpacks or cloaks.

Moreover, form as many models as you like. The game doesn’t limit its number, so if you get bored with one, let’s create another! But it is not necessary to dispose of the previous avatar. View all of them on the phone you can see on the lower right corner of the screen. Just select one desirable to play with right now and move into Avatar World location.

Incredible adventures

Once you stick with one of the avatars, it is time to see the world. There are so many places to go! Let’s see the whole town by scrolling to the right or left. Even from there it is obvious that this place is full of life. There are cars moving on roads and construction works are being done. Maybe these places will be new locations soon.

In any case, Avatar World offers plenty of places to visit. Lounge near the pool and enjoy a glass of cold lemonade or go to pizzeria to eat delicious looking pizza you have ever met. If you don’t like fast-food, go to supermarket to buy some healthy products to prepare something at home. Make rules!

Whatever area you choose, you will find a lot of interactive items there. Every object you see can be used in some way. Pick them up, throw them somewhere or apply in a specific way. There are also adorable pets. But most importantly, there are hidden objects in some places that you can look for or use some hacks to get them straight away.

Popular Locations

  • Ice Cream Shop. It’s the height of summer, so streets are very hot. Even air conditioning doesn’t help! Therefore, character will be very pleased for visiting this wonderful place with him to eat an ice-cold dessert!
  • Bakery. Choose this store on a map to try delicious cupcakes and cakes! Also find other heroes who will give recommendations on the rest of menu.
  • Ballet Room. If you think that you have no talent for dancing, then you are wrong! In this studio, teachers will teach cool moves to even slowest creatures.
  • Kawaii Makeup Shop. How about putting a little color on the avatar face? In this place, users will be able to conduct an unlimited number of experiments. Sweet appearance will be a real canvas for creations!
  • Cafeteria. It’s time to grab some coffee or a juicy drink! Relax here and think about lans for the future!
  • Hospital.In this world, no one is immune from disease. If a character has a headache or stomach ache, feel free to contact the best doctors. Perhaps you would like to become one of them?
  • Mall. Tired of junk food? Welcome to a huge market where everyone can buy fruits, meat or vegetables. Create a recipe, shop and cook a healthy lunch at home!
  • Pet Shop. Every furry pet wants to be happy! Visit this place where collar, clothes or treats for sale!
  • School. Knowledge is always good! Don’t forget to learn about useful facts!
  • Kindergarten. In this place heirs will be able to adapt to the environment. Let them socialize to have fun with their peers!


How to Make a House in Avatar World?

Walking along these bright streets is a complete pleasure. But sometimes you want to return home, where there is a pleasant atmosphere. Do you want to have it? Players will be able to create their own mansion where they will feel comfortable. A huge list of items, decorations, furniture and more is already waiting!

Just choose what you like and put it in the right place! What style will all rooms be in? What colors are your favorite? Hang a swing instead of a chandelier, place a purple lamp on the side! Paintings, leather sofa, radio, bunk bed and much more! Having a good imagination is very important for games.

How to Get a Baby in Avatar World?

Falling in love is common to every person! These unique characters are no exception, so be sure to witness new stories! After two heroes become married couple, they will have a chance to have a child. It’s a big responsibility, so make sure you’re prepared. Once players get the little one, the whole game process will change completely. No, it definitely won’t make it any more boring!

On the contrary, you will have more activities to have fun. Now you can take your baby with you for walks, to parks, to breakfast and much more. Don’t forget to create a separate room for him or her to sleep in. Pay attention to him and buy fashionable clothes! Maybe you want to introduce him to his peers? It’s time to become a real adult and take on some responsibilities! Everything is real in Avatar World